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About Us

It all started with just a DREAM!

I am a wife and mother of three, not including my two fur babies. I have always loved buying candles here and there. Even if I was not burning the candles, I still enjoyed their cold throw. I began to think of the idea on, “what if I started making my own candles?” Before pursuing this idea, I was trying to pursue my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and my forever passion in helping others.

Once COVID-19 affected my family and me, I ended up quitting my job as a waitress to be able to keep my family safe and away from the virus. I decided that I should find a hobby while we were all in quarantine. This is when my idea soon became a dream and suddenly an unexpected reality. I started by just making the candles for myself, my family, and my friends. Then, I was motivated by my daughters to start a business together doing what I love. With the help of my family, I am able to do everything I would love to do, perhaps not in a hospital setting as a nurse but now in a more comfortable place such as my home where I am able to handcraft each and every product with my dearest care.

Sweet Soil Candles has become my journey now and we cannot wait to offer you the most beautiful scented candles, wax melts and soon natural body products. A one stop shop for your Mind & Body Care!

Love, Jess!